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His car.

Don’s car was problematic, Because it made just so much static, And the zapping was not erratic, But uncannily systematic. It made even the democratic, Feel quite undiplomatic, And the usually asymptomatic, Become decidedly pancreatic. Then came a zap extra-traumatic, … Continue reading

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Never speak ill of the retired.

Never speak ill of the retired, Even those who should have been fired. For unless they’ve expired, You may find it’s transpired, They have conspired to be re-hired.

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People grow apart

People grow apart. And back together again. Tim passes in between. And so does Helen. (It’s nice to catch up with old friends.)

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Good enough

Punching above, You/they say? Though you believe in fate, (etc). I’m happy and (that’s what makes me), Good enough. So why not you too?

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The smarmy swami

There once was a smarmy swami, Who rode a salami tsunami. But he saw the error of his ways, Then pushed paper round for days, And now captains an origami army.

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