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Musings of an alpha?

“That’s because you’re an alpha female…” I am? I’d never thought about it.  Is that a compliment?  An insult?  What does it mean? *sound of typing* >Wikipedia > Alpha female > redirected to Alpha (ethnology)… In social animals, the alpha … Continue reading

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Six hams and no turkey

What do you do at Christmas time?  Do you like it? Return to your family?  Nuclear or extended? Avoid your family?  Ditto?  Who gets priority?  Your family?  Your partner’s family? Is it important that you are together?  It is easier … Continue reading

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Dig up the presidents?

1. When preparing to challenge a rejection, first dig up the precedents.  (initially misheard advice from a journal editor) 2. Busy is good (so I shouldn’t complain when I have lots of things I like to do to do). 3. … Continue reading

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Good enough

Punching above, You/they say? Though you believe in fate, (etc). I’m happy and (that’s what makes me), Good enough. So why not you too?

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Violinists don’t wear necklaces

I saw Belshazzar’s Feast recently.  Wonderful listening – very dramatic, dynamic and with a fabulous ending!  Conductor Ashkenazy was very entertaining to watch.  Kakadu was also played and it was a nice surprise when Sculthorpe came on stage afterward.  Tintagel … Continue reading

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