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Sweet Potato TV

J: Let’s cook a roast for A1 and A2 tonight.  We have that leg of lamb in the freezer. M: Yeah, ok… we’ve got just about everything we need.  I could make the zucchini thing too, for A2.  Let’s just … Continue reading

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Embrace your outer silliness

Some days you just have to let go and embrace your outer silliness.  This assumes you regularly embrace the sillies inside of course. Getting the sillies is a release, an escape, a sense of perspective, a shot of endorphins. Being … Continue reading

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Bucket baby

There once was a little girl who lived on a little farm with her family.  They lived in an old stone farmhouse with a big yard around it.  The farm had lots of three-corner-jacks growing on it that produced large … Continue reading

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Sticky fingers

I  scrutinised the scene of the crime.  A woman was lying face down, her chocolate-brown hair a mess, a pool of chocolate spreading from beneath her.  The handle of a chocolate dagger was melting next to the fire. I picked … Continue reading

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Flowers spotted as they flashed past the window, Brakes applied, the car hastily parked. Up the steps, to knock on the door. The delayed response made her age expected. Surprised eyes through the fly-screen. “I’m making a recipe that needs … Continue reading

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Oh no, the broccoli drowned!

Something went teribubbly wrong with the fridge! The crispers filled up with water. Somehow the potatoes held their breath for hours. The carrots managed to beach themselves on top, The bok choy floated like islands on Lake Titicaca, But there … Continue reading

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His car.

Don’s car was problematic, Because it made just so much static, And the zapping was not erratic, But uncannily systematic. It made even the democratic, Feel quite undiplomatic, And the usually asymptomatic, Become decidedly pancreatic. Then came a zap extra-traumatic, … Continue reading

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