You can’t beat time

But you can race it!  Hurdle deadlines!  Run as fast of the speed of light so you can’t see the hands on the clock move!

(if only it was as easy to achieve as it is to write about it)

And I suspect then when you stop, time will appear to move so slowly there will be more than enough time to relax!

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A few comments broke the tedium of today’s all day useful meeting:

  • I find the hydraulics literature is very dry.
  • I think you need to branch out from only looking a stem growth rates.
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Unreliable narrator

Writing a story with an unreliable narrator is very difficult!  When they don’t turn up on time it can be very confusing for the reader to know what is going on.  Or when they, heaven forbid, make up their own lines, it is very difficult to make your story follow your plot.  So begin a story by building a reliable narrator.  Invest in them, make them feel needed and wanted.  Write them as whole so they know who they are and what they need to do.  You must first make your narrator believe you are really telling their story, so they they will reliably tell yours.

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Just the same

Someone commented recently that I’m much the same everywhere. Asking around, it seems at least a few other people agree. I’m the same person at work as I am at home, in art as I am in science, with family as with friends. I do mix my family with my friends very easily. Little is hidden from one group to another. It appears I’m fairly consistent on email, on the phone and the various forms of online media. I hope this doesn’t mean that I vary little between situations, but that I am just me all of the time. I’m not sure I can imagine being any other way so I’m interested that this warrants comment and could be unusual. I’m happy to be me.

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Dotting the You

She loves a man with a million freckles.  There are so many dots to join before she can see the complete picture.  It may take a lifetime, but she does have dots to join.  Joining the fewer dots on her skin may take less time, but there will be a less detailed picture.  Can he read between the dots?

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Scuba archaeology

Indigenous Australians have been in Australia for at least 40,000* years and most likely much, much longer.  In the last glacial maximum, about 20-25,000 years ago, sea level was about 140 m lower than it is today (current levels stabilised about 6,000 years ago) which meant that Australia was much bigger and what were coastlines are now well and truly submerged.  Assuming there were Aboriginal communities and activities along the coast line, there must be many interesting and significant Aboriginal sites that are now under water.  I wonder if they have been preserved?  Is there such a thing as scuba archaeology?

*I’ve used really rough numbers in this post.

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Lo Budge

Sometimes lo budge (which is the lo budge version of low budget) can be nice. A simple picnic rather than dinner at a fancy restaurant, carefully made home cooked biscuits rather than an expensive present. But I really don’t think much is improved by labeling it ‘lo budge’. Yikes! What a phrase!

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