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Heart and Brain

His head is pounding, well beating is a better word. He feels strangely light-headed, his skull half empty. His chest feels tight, there’s not enough room. And he can’t breathe with all the thoughts in his chest. His heart and … Continue reading

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Talking in my sleep

Recently I’ve been talking in my sleep. Conversing at times with a rather bemused M. Some things I’ve said: There are no dragons in the restaurant. M1: You should choose the others… M2: Why? M1: There’s five of them. My … Continue reading

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Who is it?

After a short post last week, Julia Cooke (last seen with socks in her pocket) is back with another little post about her new book My Little World. To read other posts from her blog tour, see here. In My … Continue reading

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Underlining puffins

I saw a puffin. Just one. It was early. Flying around the islands, looking worried as only a puffin can. Where were all the others? It was the first puffin of the season. I, of course, was delighted! My dear … Continue reading

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30 Messages

1. Hey, thanks both for both maps. We’d have been lost without them but now have park within spitting distance of theatre (if you’re an experienced spitter). 2. Coldish by dry tomorrow is my guess. Shall we don gloves and … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato TV

J: Let’s cook a roast for A1 and A2 tonight.  We have that leg of lamb in the freezer. M: Yeah, ok… we’ve got just about everything we need.  I could make the zucchini thing too, for A2.  Let’s just … Continue reading

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Embrace your outer silliness

Some days you just have to let go and embrace your outer silliness.  This assumes you regularly embrace the sillies inside of course. Getting the sillies is a release, an escape, a sense of perspective, a shot of endorphins. Being … Continue reading

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