MY husband

There are many relationships around me that I admire.  People who use first names as often as girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife.  They want to tell you something about this person and their relationship to them doesn’t actually matter to the conversation.  The pride or joy in their voice says much anyway.  They enjoy being with that person, they are a unit, but there is no ownership.  Some get married, in their own unique ways and love it, but it isn’t everything in their relationship.  It’s a celebration of a relationship, not an accomplishment.  Some don’t need a ceremony and that is lovely too.

From others I hear: “Well you see, MY husband/wife said…”, and “MY wife/husband thinks…” and “well, I told MY boyfriend/girlfriend…” It’s an accomplishment!  Some parents want to tick off their boxes too.  A sorry way to measure successful parenting.  What happened to happiness?

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