Talking in my sleep

Recently I’ve been talking in my sleep. Conversing at times with a rather bemused M. Some things I’ve said:

There are no dragons in the restaurant.

M1: You should choose the others…
M2: Why?
M1: There’s five of them.

My head is a cloud.

M1: Hm, mmmm, mmmm, mmm…
M2: Mmm?
M1: Mmmm, hmmm, mmm, mmm
M2: Hmm, mmm, hmm?
M1: Mmm.

M1: Send the heliopter
M2: The helicopter?
M1: Yeah, the helicopter, to pick us up from the cliff. We need it.

M1: Tuesday.
M2: Tuesday?
M1: Tuesday is going to be a good day for my book.
M2: Why?
M1: Zzzzzzzzz

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