Who is it?

After a short post last week, Julia Cooke (last seen with socks in her pocket) is back with another little post about her new book My Little World. To read other posts from her blog tour, see here.

In My Little World there are three people: the young protagonist, Gran and Jack. There is no indication of whether the main character is male or female and there is deliberate vagueness about who Jack is, though he is described as older than the protagonist. In various reviews of the book (see here) they have been described in almost every combination. So far I’ve found the main character referred to as one girl, four boys and several that are non-gender specific. Jack has been described as a friend, a grown-up, a big brother and just Jack.

I don’t mind – actually I’m delighted! I hope it means that different people are making the story their own. After all, although writers, illustrators and publishers work to convey new feelings, persepectives and information, readers add to every story with things they have already experienced and know about. That’s one of the loveliest things about books, don’t you think?

Telopea opening, Royal National Park.

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