30 Messages

1. Hey, thanks both for both maps. We’d have been lost without them but now have park within spitting distance of theatre (if you’re an experienced spitter).

2. Coldish by dry tomorrow is my guess. Shall we don gloves and weed ourselves silly?

3. How’s the phidda going, can I ask? Feel free to visit M sometime soon. H is pretty cute these days. Love, g xoxo.

4. Lawks, woman, I am typing you an email this very second. Hang on…

5. I am on my way. Hopefully I will make it :). There is bread, tuna and cue in a blue carry bag nxt to my desk. Have fun at launch. I am very proud of you.

6. Hey! I am in a fix. The door in the shower […] has jammed and I cant get out!! Phone reception is really bad in here. Can you please help me??

7. Mmm…risotto

8. Hello, I’m declaring myself fit for human contact if want to go ahead tomorrow. I’ll be on the bus so if you want coffee, the ball is in your court. Sorry, I’ve been under a rock, I feel like I’ve slept for a week.

9. Don’t get too comfy. We’ll be back next week. [From the boss]

10. Hi, please keep this date free: Sat xth July 7pm. Preview of gallery to say thanks to close family and friends. More info to come soon. Cheers, S & C.

11. Hey J, thanks for the card and towels. They are lovely. The embroidery was a really thoughtful touch. Thanks, G. xoxo.

12. Hey would you like us to bring some dessert tonight, A was thinking of making apple pie.

13. Forgot the most important thing. We saw our first orchid today and a very impressive one if I may say. Have photos.

14. I’ll work on my hand-eye co-ordination so I’m ready for the dinosaurs and their poo. Week after next is great.

15. Well now, you do realise that all boys must be approved by board of gay friends which means you must present him to the panel before the time of 60 days has passed. He he. Have a great weekend!

16. Dear M. Thanks for the message. We are now careering along a breakneck speed, anxious to meet you all. P.

17. I forgot to say goodnight sorry goodnight &

18. Node. You feel free to quote me anytime, I need a bit more publicity x.

19. Hey. Got your postcard the other day. Thanks. Hope your weekend is as hectic and enjoyable as usual. Love g. xoxo.

20. I put the cookies in the fridge. Break a leg! ;-)&

21. Happy New Year. Currently watching the dawn from the roof of the hospital.

22. Yes. Sorry, fell straight into things when I arrived home. You home as well? And I enjoyed the weekend more than you can imagine.

23. Happy Birthday J-ita. :-) NAPA.

25.Have been wandering around waving the owl at the walls and have decided to put it on the wall outside the bathroom but have to wait to put it up until it’s cooler. Have been thinking about you this arvo and hoping it wasn’t too traumatic. Nx

26. Hi J. I am in G. Would you please let B know how many stickies he is to send with N. Thanks, P.

27. Thanks for letting me crash your play outing. Stay away from your fish tanks! X.

28. Thanks J! It’s been a crazy one, we’ve tagged 200 grasshoppers! Eeeee!

29. Oooh! So exciting!

30. Thank you darling D. Hope you love it too! But if you don’t it, it makes the listening in my honour even more special. Hugs & kisses, A.

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