Christmas Gems

Ordinary things on special occasions can be just as lovely as special things on ordinary occasions.

And she’d follow it up with a series of quick nods.

I love a man who stares at the wall.

I change my dress as often as I change my glass.

My Mum makes Dad jokes.

After four hours in Ikea and we made a dash for freedom. No really, Freedom.

I’m a party in a dress.

This is my mother and she’s running an hour fast.

They were strange stories from little people we know.

I’ve got it and it’s above average, but I don’t use it.

That’s not a crocodile, it’s a man in a crocodile suit. (It really WAS a crocodile).

I’ll try not to drive in the foetal postion.

Very funny things people almost said.

It’s not real logic because he hasn’t taken everything into account.

We thought of you, but only in one direction.

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