Emily is not a big dreamer while she’s asleep (or at least not a big rememberer of dreams), but she had a few in the last few weeks that have managed to find a foot-hold in her waking brain.  They were problematic though as they are all potentially realistic, small snippets of what could be real life, and she’s had trouble sorting fact from fiction.

For example, Emily dreamed she was at a conference venue (where she really was during the day) and on the way out with some colleagues she did an fantastic extended twirl, sliding on the carpet and finished by opening the door for everyone.  That’s great – obviously a dream for everything to work so well – until Emily opened her mouth to tell someone the next day that she wished she could repeat her twirl from the day before!

And there was more.  Emily dreamed N had started cycling and then nearly told an old friend (who knows them both) all about N’s cycling.  Worse, she dreamed she argued with someone and found it hard to be civil with them the next day, until she had it straight in her brain that it was a dream.  She dreamed that she had talked to another speaker at the conference, but actually she hadn’t.  No wonder they looked puzzled when Emily smiled at them the next day as though she knew them!

But Emily is home again and the dreams of this sort have stopped.  Reality is much more easily recognised once again.  Phew.

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