Killing an apple pie

Things I’ve learned this week:

1. Don’t try to kill an apple pie by holding it in your beak and whacking against the railing.  Not only will the girl unexpectedly hit in the chest by a piece of flying apple pie be unimpressed, but you will probably only be left with a smear of sticky apple on your feathers.  Apple pies behave differently to reptiles and invertebrates.

2. The man you have just been introduced to that has the same name as the signature on the beautiful picture you have just  seen is probably the same person.  Be brave and ask!

3. Orchids are awesome!  (I knew that already)

4. You can only stay hidden for four days.  By Friday, everyone knows where you are.  However, by this time, no-one expects you at your normal desk, so returning there is very effective.

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