Sweet Potato TV

J: Let’s cook a roast for A1 and A2 tonight.  We have that leg of lamb in the freezer.

M: Yeah, ok… we’ve got just about everything we need.  I could make the zucchini thing too, for A2.  Let’s just pick up a few extra veggies here.

M and J walk into a small green grocer.  They are the only customers and the shopkeeper is busy re-stocking the displays.  M picks up a funny shaped sweet potato, grins and holds it to his mouth.

M (in a low voice): Good morning everyone.  Today’s broadcast is live, live from downtown T. Now the question on everyone’s lips, J, which vegetables are you going to choose for tonight, for the roast lamb of the year?

J (giggling, also in a low voice): Hi there M and everyone watching Sweet Potato TV at home.  Well, I think we need definitely need some of these shallots, don’t they look great, and…

The high mirrors that reflect images of vegetables at every angle, magically doubling stock, act as cameras and monitors and the price tags are the cue screens.  Half a dozen items are discussed and selected live on Sweet Potato TV.

M and J walk to the counter and the shopkeeper comes over, weighing garlic first.

SK: G’day mate.  Good day?

Shopkeeper weighs shallots and potatoes.

M:  Yeah, good thanks, it’s a beautiful day out there.

Shopkeeper puts sweet potato on the scales and looks up at his customers.  He does not smile.

SK: Shall I put the microphone in the bag, or are you going to keep recording out on the street?

M (sheepishly): Thanks mate, but we’ve got everything we need for Sweet Potato TV for today.

It was a great roast with a stunning chocolate and raspberry pudding, courtesy of A1 and A2, for dessert.

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