The way

She backs me up even when she thinks I’m probably wrong.  He makes me think.  He dances with me in the video store.  She pretends not to notice that I don’t have the background knowledge to contribute to the conversation.  He knows how I’m feeling from the way I walk.  She listens to me giggle on the phone for ages when I’m tired.  He thinks faults are what make us interesting.  They are so generous.  He considers the past influential but not defining.  She thinks I’m amazing.  He is so sure and grounded.  She matches my laugh and then some.   They constantly inspire me.  She reminds me how lucky I am without knowing it.  He phones from the ice-cream isle to ask what flavour I feel like right now.  He doesn’t let me get away with being hypocritical.   She is so, so proud of me.  He gives me the courage to try things I’d never considered.  I love the way he loves me, she loves me, they love me.

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