Bucket baby

There once was a little girl who lived on a little farm with her family.  They lived in an old stone farmhouse with a big yard around it.  The farm had lots of three-corner-jacks growing on it that produced large prickles that made walking in bare feet impossible.  The house yard was free of these prickles.  So the little girl and her sister ran around barefoot outside much of the day, safe in the yard.  Their Mum knew they wouldn’t venture too far because of the prickles.  Strollers didn’t work very well with the prickles so the two little girls enjoyed many wheel-barrow rides and the littlest girl could be conveniently carried around in a bucket by her father.

In a bucket.

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One Response to Bucket baby

  1. Guff says:

    Hehe the little bucket girl still has that cheeky smile.


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