I like the light

I’m not very good at sleeping in.  I don’t usually get up at dawn, but I’m often woken by light (or by the million shrieking cockatoos that are woken by the light!).  I like to do most of my work in daylight hours.  At night, I don’t waste power to flood the house with light, but like the room I’m in to be well lit.  I don’t like working on my computer or watching television in the dark.  Perhaps it’s because I’m short-sighted and the better the light, the better my vision.  However, I really enjoy reading by good light, and my reading vision is excellent!   I like late afternoon light when it cuts through at a low angle, intensifying colours.  I like spot-lit trees in gardens and white lights on cave walls.  I like houses flooded with natural light, cozy rooms with lots of warm lamps in an evening.  I like the light of a full moon.

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