Pushed the door (my luck) too far

I was having a lucky morning.  Talking to the folks – feeling very lucky to have them.  Getting a few more little things ticked off the endless list.  Feeling really lucky that M been working for me this weekend (massive help).  Lucky that I left a massive data set in good shape 4 years ago and was able to retrieve it for a different M without too much trouble.  Very lucky that two people took time out to comment on my ms uber-quickly.  A few happy coincidences let me update a lecture with utmost efficiency!  Plus, we snuck into the good car park just millimetres before the boom-gate went down.  And then I thought I would just try and see if the external door my office was mysteriously open on a Sunday to save me the long walk around.  No such luck, but I was pushing it to ask for more luck, wasn’t I.

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