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I’ve found a beautiful bicycle.  It has a battery to help you up the hills and it’s red.  It looks like a lady, this bike.  It costs a lot.  As long as  electric bikes are 200w or below they are … Continue reading

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Creature of habit

She always rolls over clockwise, towards me then away, and on a restless night slowly winds the covers away.  A quick turn from lying on her belly to her side, a long wriggle back to her belly.  The cover loss … Continue reading

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I like the light

I’m not very good at sleeping in.  I don’t usually get up at dawn, but I’m often woken by light (or by the million shrieking cockatoos that are woken by the light!).  I like to do most of my work … Continue reading

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Pushed the door (my luck) too far

I was having a lucky morning.  Talking to the folks – feeling very lucky to have them.  Getting a few more little things ticked off the endless list.  Feeling really lucky that M been working for me this weekend (massive … Continue reading

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