Another life

I feel a bit like I’m living the life of someone else at the moment.  A strange car, a not so strange man, new incomes, new housemate, new committees, new papers, new comments.  I hope this life doesn’t belongs to someone else, because I don’t want to give it back (though I will return the car).  It’s not new, this life, it’s just many largish, coinciding changes.  This life fits and I like the style, I’m just still wearing it in so it’s completely comfortable.

PS. A whole week went by in which I didn’t contact a single member of my family and they didn’t contact me.  This is unusual and I suddenly worried that something awful had happened and I hadn’t noticed.  This was followed by a flurry of hilarious texts and emails in which we all found each other and established all was well.  P found in Italy on a Tuscan island, B in Spain but very wet, N at work/home but signing off as ‘N the Frantic’. Somethings in life haven’t changed!

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