Post-hoc Ad-hoc.

It seems the fashion to explore and comment on your year by listing the first lines from the first post from each month. So here are mine – make of them what you will.  It doesn’t suggest much to me about my year except I seem as mad at the end as I was at the beginning.

January: I named it socksinmypocket without thinking too much.

February: Wob was no stereotypical shark.

March: For G:

April: What shall I call, this great lump of an elephant?

May: 1. I’ve replied via email.

June: The blogger makes their binary bed, from musings extracted from their head.

July: 1. I was admiring a friend’s jeans today.

August: In the world of science, it may well be better to be lucky than good.

September: 1. Mmm bacon + egg rolls.  Do you want me 2 eat 1 4 u?

October: Don’s car was problematic, because it made just so much static, and the zapping was not erratic, but uncannily systematic.

November: Attempts to interpret convoluted hypotheses, and about 1.78km of red pen.

December: I made a little movie on a recent weekend visit to my family.

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