Happy New Year.  I had a lovely evening, if a little confusing.  I was treated to a great view of Sydney’s fireworks in a spot that someone else looked after all afternoon.  That someone else was S and he was unknowingly the source of much of the confusion.  But the confusion began at dawn, really, with a flurry of frantic packing, boxes, removalists and last minute train tickets that resulted in the permanent, sad departure of most of my (very tired) housemates.  Then we were left wondering how to welcome 2010.  M phoned some friends and we made plans to join them, a welcome pass to organisation that we lacked.  We drove to their place (miraculously no traffic and easy parking), I received an unexpected hug from a three-year-old, met parents of said friend and we all caught a very convenient bus to the harbourside to find S.  M had kindly told me about S and his wife N so I would know who I was meeting.  But on the way there I discovered it was not S as in ‘S and N’, but rather S as in ‘S and R’ who had been heorically holding a place.  So the party was made up of S, R and their two children and S’s (or were they R’s?) parents, M’s friends, their child and another set of grandparents, plus M and me.  That was fine until I realised that both Ss knew each other and both had spent last new year’s eve at this same spot.  I then realised that the father of the S who was present (or was it R’s father?) thought I was the other S’s N (did that make M, S?) who had been there the previous year, resulting in several confused conversations and people.  On a blanket that touched the sand of a tiny beach, with ducks and kayaks bobbing in the shallows, great veiws of three sets of fireworks plus the bridge, I could not have hoped for a better vantage point.  The company was great (once we all worked out who we were) and it was a marvelous way to begin a new year. Thanks so much S, R, J, A et al., and M.

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