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Enjoy now

There are so many things I want to do, That I haven’t done. There will never be enough time. And I’ll always find more, With too many, already. People to visit, Places to see. But opportunities appear unexpectedly, Like togas … Continue reading

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Flowers spotted as they flashed past the window, Brakes applied, the car hastily parked. Up the steps, to knock on the door. The delayed response made her age expected. Surprised eyes through the fly-screen. “I’m making a recipe that needs … Continue reading

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Post-hoc Ad-hoc.

It seems the fashion to explore and comment on your year by listing the first lines from the first post from each month. So here are mine – make of them what you will.  It doesn’t suggest much to me … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.  I had a lovely evening, if a little confusing.  I was treated to a great view of Sydney’s fireworks in a spot that someone else looked after all afternoon.  That someone else was S and he was … Continue reading

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