Hey, baby.

Children, babies – they are everywhere, it’s an epidemic!  I’m living with a couple children for a while and thoroughly enjoy their company.  This year I’ve found myself frequently talking about IVF, belly-buttons popping out, heart chambers in ultrasounds, maternity clothes, types of strollers. Discussing liking children generally or only having time for your own.  I’ve been shown pictures and projects, read stories, watched the same DVD numerous times, been astounded by an eight-year old’s comments on the news.  Talked about struggles to become pregnant and ways not to.  I’ve listened to ideas about the time frame for having children running out before you are ready, about managing a business and babies, careers and babies, maternity leave.  Ethical dilemmas when biology is not in your favour.  Seen pictures of children I used to babysit who are now finishing highschool.  This year I’ve held babies, delivered baby clothes, inspected breast pumps, heard about shoes full of amniotic fluid and nights with eight deliveries in a ten hour shift.  Details about a birth – too much for me.  A spot of babysitting and being excited when a tooth fell out.  I’ve heard about how hard it is to be the parent you want your children to have.  I’ve been talking about why people don’t say anything until 12 weeks and the stigma attached to this convention.  Feeling delighted about pregnancies, thinking that’s one lucky baby with parents like that.  Out-of-focus but adorable photos on facebook.  I’ve not asked though I’ve had suspicions or I’ve let someone know I know, but won’t tell.  I’ve enjoyed all of this, feeling either delighted or anxious as the case may be, having little advice except one piece that was not mine.   Thinking about it, there are so many things that didn’t come up.  I hope there are always children in my life (they don’t need to be mine).

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