Oh no, the broccoli drowned!

Something went teribubbly wrong with the fridge!

The crispers filled up with water.

Somehow the potatoes held their breath for hours.

The carrots managed to beach themselves on top,

The bok choy floated like islands on Lake Titicaca,

But there was no hope for the broccoli.

It drowned, and the other vegetables wept.

I didn’t.

Wasn’t my fridge.

Wasn’t my broccoli.

Otherwise I would have cried.

Broccoli is my favourite.

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2 Responses to Oh no, the broccoli drowned!

  1. FP says:

    1. Lucky there weren’t any lizards in the fridge.
    2. Fix the typo in the title before your sister orders a hit on you.

  2. Natalie says:

    It is a very sad story, especially since it’s true!

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