Odds and ends

1. I had only been babysitting for 10 minutes when her teeth started falling out.

2. Leaf damage explains 93% of temperature seasonality.

3. 1 + 1.5 + 4 + 1.5 = 6.5 (Excellent way to impress boss.)

4. “The next part includes the bits cut for reasons of taste, so if you have children or people who are easily offended, time to send them to bed”.  Suburb wide blackout kicks in.

5. Quite proud I worked out FP stayed with Piereth and that I knew FP.  Sounded wonderful and I was jealous of host and guest.

6. A mix up in November with the Decemberists for January required an early birthday present.

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2 Responses to Odds and ends

  1. FP says:

    Um…not to cast aspersions on your powers of deduction, sweetheart, but Piereth stuck a photo of me on her post about that weekend – an entirely recognisable photo, at that 8-) Yes, it was wonderful – wish you’d been there! Although not if that’s the effect you have on small children’s teeth. What the?!

  2. socksinmypocket says:

    But, but, but, I worked it out before she put up the picture as there was another post about you coming. Delighted you had such a wonderful time. Housemate lost a tooth that had been wobbly – just happened to fall out while she was in my care and we were eating dinner! Very gory!

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