It’s dark in my head

It is dark in my head,

At night, when I’m trying to sleep.

I’m too hot.

I might explode!

Or implode.

Where is the pressure highest?

Thoughts try to catch each other.

They don’t wait for reason.

I read.

Trying to crowd out my thoughts,

With another’s.

In the morning the sun comes up.

My brain is lighter, clearer.

It can see ahead.


The way to go.

Mostly I love going to sleep.

I like lying awake too.

Talking, laughing, snuggling.

Mulling on left-over thoughts from the day.


It’s just sometimes.

It gets a bit dark.

In my head.

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One Response to It’s dark in my head

  1. Joe says:

    This sock from your pocket was a pock in me eye socket!
    (Not really, but I had to try this sometime soon or else I would somehow plode) :-) JP

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