Six hams and no turkey

What do you do at Christmas time?  Do you like it? Return to your family?  Nuclear or extended? Avoid your family?  Ditto?  Who gets priority?  Your family?  Your partner’s family? Is it important that you are together?  It is easier to persuade adults than children that Christmas can be on a different day.  Do you cook at home?  Do you go out?  Who decides what to eat?  Do you eat food appropriate to the hemisphere? Does one person make the trek or do you meet in the middle?  Do you sleep in or get up at dawn bubbling with excitement?  Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?  Are you a last minute shopper or have you been collecting all year?  Do you feel guilty that as an agnostic you still love the festivity?  Do you only go to church at Christmas and pretend it makes up for the rest of the year in your religion?  It is entirely contradictory to your religion and you consider it unfair that it is so widely recognised while your important days are not?  Is it all just a consumerist rort?

Nuclear/Home/All/Sort of/Happy trek/Dawn/Both/Both/Vague sense of agnostic guilt/What you make it.  I love Christmas!  67 sleeps.

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One Response to Six hams and no turkey

  1. Angus says:

    I like this but it ends very cynically!

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