His car.

Don’s car was problematic,

Because it made just so much static,

And the zapping was not erratic,

But uncannily systematic.

It made even the democratic,

Feel quite undiplomatic,

And the usually asymptomatic,

Become decidedly pancreatic.

Then came a zap extra-traumatic,

Don’s response was very dramatic,

With a scream that was operatic,

And a leap quite acrobatic.

His voice became very autocratic,

He said “This car’s not charismatic,

For I now feel I’m electrostatic,

And very much asthmatic”.

So he grabbed a semi-automatic,

And with precision mathematic,

Became a car-shooting fanatic,

Till it was no longer monochromatic.

But the car was enigmatic,

And continued zapping static,

So Don became very dogmatic,

“It must be sold” he said, emphatic.

He bought a brand new automatic,

Which was more aristocratic,

For its windows were pneumatic,

Plus it was new-car aromatic.

First Don remained idiosyncratic,

But I think it was symptomatic,

Of stress that was post-traumatic,

(or maybe just psychosomatic).

But now Don’s no longer melodramatic,

In fact he’s really quite pragmatic,

And he’s absolutely ecstatic,

That there is no sign of any static!

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