Txt II

  1. Mmm bacon + egg rolls.  Do you want me 2 eat 1 4 u?
  2. I forgot to say goodnight sorry good night &
  3. If I see another set of plastic forks…
  4. Car not fixed.  Waiting for a part from Melbourne.  Frustrating as B had the brakes redone before we left.  Temperature repressive but redeeming breeze.  Glad your presentation went well.  Another Si person.  From Aus?  B emailed Bo.
  5. I made it and it’s beautifully cold brrrr xoxo
  6. Apparently insomnia’s first casualty is politeness. Gah… [unwarranted apology]
  7. Well done!  Am v proud.
  8. Norman Lindsay.  Home later this arvo and will call.  Missing you too.
  9. Thanks for the message.  We are now careering along at break neck speed anxious to meet you all.
  10. I win!  Already there.  Man it is a brilliant day 4 hanging out the washing…
  11. Phew!  They threw everything at me – literally.  I claimed victory after falling under the dancing spell of dr worm.  I then launched a tirade of ninja pillow moves.  They had nothing.  I feel so tough.
  12. I will be at home most of the day – it’s too windy so I am hiding in my cave.
  13. Chicken, I’ll be in at 8.30, my shower didn’t want to give me hot water.  I beat it into submission.
  14. Enjoy that top E baby!
  15. Node.
  16. I am turning into a lazy sloth.  I am eating apple crumble at my desk instead of swimming.  XXX will so so cross :-).
  17. I’ll work on my hand-eye coordination so I’m ready for the dinosaurs and their poo.  Week after next is great.
  18. Big enveloping hug and I’m here any time you need to stomp, wave your arms & howl at the moon…xxX
  19. Don’t p [mysterious text from boss]
  20. Brilliant 8-?> … y’know, mostly…
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2 Responses to Txt II

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, your text messages are much more grammatical than mine. Or shud i say ur txt messages r much more grammatical than mine. kthnxbai.

  2. socksinmypocket says:

    Well, maybe I tidied one or two up a little, but generally yes, they were pretty grammatical. These are texts sent to me – you should see those that I send!

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