Getting penguins wrong

Using a penguin as a yardstick is a dangerous thing to do.  Given they are often seen against an all white background, there is little else to give scale and perspective (warning: penguins may be closer than they appear).  When you are Australian it is easy to underestimate the size of the penguin as we are most familiar with very small (fairy/little) penguins, which are much less than a yard long.  Getting penguins wrong can potentially jeopardise friendships, but in my case mirth resulted rather than causing offence due to a miscalculation involving penguins.  Phew.  Penguins are not stereotypical birds (they have groovy stomachs that can change pH, cleverly arranged veins and arteries in their legs and they swim much, much better than they fly) so you should not use a penguin as a yardstick by which to measure other birds either.  Also, penguins are not brown and sticky (except when very young and foolish) as I imagine yardsticks should be.

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