Some people can’t be separated from their family – as you get to know them, you get to know (about) their family.  Such families are not necessarily really close or living in each others’ pockets, just important.  No family is perfect.  These families are usually capable of extending and enveloping others.  Inviting you to stay without ever having met you.  Spoiling you rotten from the moment you arrive.  Not caring how bad your dance moves are, just content that you’re dancing and happy.  Sharing contacts and selflessly help you with your work.  Letting you use their extensive collections and knowledge.  Sharing the weight of grief.   Taking you to dinner.  Providing a place to stay.  Showing you other ways of thinking and doing things.  Listening.  Entertaining.  Laughing.  This takes nothing from your family because you can’t be separated from them either so they become part of that huge extended web.  Your family adopts people too.

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