Are you ready?

I’ve got a few contingency plans, ranging from the fairly well developed and hopefully practical, to the vague, to the ridiculously stupid and unhelpful.  Little schemes have been devised and stored in the back of my mind for what I would do if my passport was stolen, the house burgled, the train derailed, the seams of my life just generally fell apart a bit.  But yesterday I met a man with a plan in case everything goes right.  He’s considered exactly what he will do when he wins the lottery, is offered his ideal job, finds the perfect house (I was impressed that he even knows what everything going right will be like).  He knows where and how and with who.  He won’t lose one glorious minute wondering what to do.  If he gets offered the chance(s) of a lifetime, he will be ready!  As for me, I’ve just got a few emergency plans stashed in the back of my brain for unlikely disasters and I’ll probably just watch the golden opportunity slide past, possibly unrecognised.  What about you?  Are you ready, just in case everything goes right?

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