Dear Ruby, please send fruit

Well, actually I asked for an echidna skeleton, dug from the Ruby’s backyard.  And bless Ruby’s little cotton socks, she did dig up the skeleton and battled the dog for the bones.  And so I received a parcel, which I opened at midnight, and it was the bestest parcel ever, with:

  1. (most of) an echidna skeleton
  2. a toe ring (a match to mine)
  3. 3 pink pens (one with feathers and mirror ball)
  4. a pot plant label
  5. a packet of lollies
  6. a charity plastic bracelet for prostate cancer
  7. an icecream stick with “PTO” on one side and “you just licked a nudie” on the other
  8. a very tiny seahorse in a case
  9. the telephone equivalent of a double adapter
  10. a wrap-around skirt
  11. a piece of paper with “someone is watching you” in letters cut from a newspaper
  12. a tiny stapler (yippee!)
  13. what might be a pewter echidna
  14. a paper tape measure, personalised with handwritten message
  15. a large green stapler (yippee again)
  16. some echidna spines
  17. a bull dog clip with butterfly attached
  18. 2 yellow envelopes, one contained #2, the other #13
  19. a teaspoon
  20. a double ended pencil
  21. some bubble wrap (around #3, #19 & # 20)
  22. a used envelope containing…well I can’t remember now
  23. a page of frog stickers
  24. 2 bandaids
  25. an envelope with cartoon character on it (I don’t know what he is called, but he has a big hat and a red beard)
  26. 3 gilt edged cards
  27. a blue birthday candle + white holder (broken, presumably during transit)
  28. a heart pendant on beaded string
  29. 4 polished pieces of stone/fossilised wood
  30. a polished fossilised shell
  31. 2 purple earplugs (new)
  32. a blue notepad
  33. a small roll of sticky tape
  34. 4 (very) assorted paperclips
  35. a cork
  36. a green twist tie
  37. a used eraser with googly-eyed lion picture
  38. a jar seal?
  39. a christmas tree light globe
  40. a floral serviette
  41. a tiny stone elephant with hook
  42. a piece of paper that reads “our greatest strength is you”
  43. a piece of paper that read “still using?  Before I started using, I couldn’t go out at night”
  44. and three UFOs

I have decided to throw out/give away/dispose of responsibly: 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 27(it broke), 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and maybe 44.  This was part of the point of the parcel.

Thanks, Ruby.

Some of the treasures.

Some of the treasures.

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