My favorite texts currently in my phone, in no particular order:

  1. I’ve replied via email.
  2. Hey, how ya doing?  Day off today, having bird time, bumped gun stacks of people, at conference and round Wellington.  Fallen in love with wellington too.  Saturday night was awesome.  I really miss those guys.  See ya later, xxxx
  3. Happy Christmas from an authentically freezing Northumberland!  How I miss fake snow…hope you’ve had a wonderful day.  Much love, xxxx.
  4. Howdy ma’am!  Happy Birthday from Rome! Happy Birthday for today!  I hope you have a fabulous day.  Love xxxx.
  5. Forgot the most important thing.  Saw our first orchid and a very impressive one if I must say.  Have photos.
  6. 11?
  7. Have you been talking to Wade?
  8. Hmmm lacking insulation in the extremities.  But they do have the sophistication factor… [?]
  9. Best I’ve ever had but then it’s the first I’ve ever had.  Could have been better.  Debrief sounds good. [??]
  10. Thanks, P.
  11. Shiraz, new scientist and a leather lounge chair.  Feeling better…
  12. Hello!  Have graduated magna cum laude which is not the top mark but enough to do what I want.
  13. Twinkle twinkle
  14. A quote from fourth bear ‘when guff was around there was always lots of wild conjecture to try to dress up as serious scientific study’.  Brilliant.  He’s got me summed up nicely…
  15. Lovely to see you too.  Clafoutis, clafoutis, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah….
  16. Hello and happy birthday.  Doing it now, xx.
  17. Happy birthday.  Hope you have a good one that is sunny and there is cake.  Love x & x.
  18. Do you have jumper leads?
  19. Was it as good for you as it was for me?  Awesome… [one night, two concerts]
  20. My thoughts exactly.  Was just about to text you.
  21. Coffee?
  22. Just have to let you know that I have just seen the first Mexican orchid- small, terrestrial & white- at the Monarch butterfly reserve.  Also saw an axolotl – if that is how you spell it.  What an exciting day.  Love xxx.
  23. Hey.  You free to chat.  And whats your number (again)?
  24. Sydney’s transport crumbles when it gets wet! C u later in the day…
  25. Can we use your onion?
  26. Hadn’t thought of it like that.
  27. Sweet
  28. I’m finally ready to leave the house.  Where should I meet you?  And when?
  29. We is at coffee.
  30. I’m on my way.
  31. In Tiboorburra.  Great time so far.  Beautiful camps.  Birds, both feathered & Peter, good.  Caught some hopping mice – different to the ones we had.  In a cabin tonight to get clean.  To Mutawintgi NP next then White Cliffs & Paroo NP.  Wish you were here.  Love, xxxx.
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2 Responses to Txt

  1. Guff says:

    Hmmm some of those sound very familar. But also very old. YOu or your phone must have a very good memory.


  2. socksinmypocket says:

    Phone has excellent memory, but it reached capacity, prompting this post! Some of my favourites should be familiar!

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