Hoarders and chaos

A hoarder can be a very dedicated soul or just rather absent minded.  The only thing that is certain is that they will rarely find what they are looking for quickly.  There are generalist hoarders who just keep everything, but there are selective hoarders too.  Temporally selective hoarders build things up for a time and one day (presumably once some critical mass is reached) discard hoards, including items you could not have paid them to part with the week before.  Then there are spatial hoarders who hoard specific things, like tickets or books or bottle tops, but throw out other things with reckless abandon.  Collectors are different – they search for things.  The hoarder just keeps things that come their way.  The are mental hoarders too, who store information and facts.  If this information is synthesised and useful then you are considered very brainy, if those facts are random and unconnected: hoarder.  And difficulty in locating a particular item still applies to the brain.  Hoarders and chaos are generally close.

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