The nature is everywhere…

…isn’t it? So said an English camper to me this morning as I was busily hacking down a wild tobacco plant where it grew above an old sewage outlet that was responsible for a patch of weeds so huge and dense it is simply known as ‘the blob’ and un-rehabilitatable!  Admittedly in the vicinity there were also water dragons, rainbow lorikeets, half a dozen brush turkeys and a rather large goanna.  I think that is what he meant – nature that moves.

Green seems to be an important part of the nature too.  As long as it is green many people don’t seem to care at all about the quality of what is there or, if it is not sufficiently green fail to even recognise the nature.  Big flowers are also an important part of the nature.  I’ve seen people walk past stunning forest only to photograph a weed flowering in the carpark.  I know people who don’t like anything but lush greeness (Australia is not for you).   I’ve seen people picking bunches of weeds to take home and presumeably put in a vase.  It’s a bit like a Hugh-Grant-cheesy-voice-over version of an Attenborough doco: The nature IS everywhere, it’s just the nature of things that people like it to look just so.

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One Response to The nature is everywhere…

  1. Natalie says:

    Too right. Bring on the morning glory, the dandelions that are often the only flowers in an otherwise desolate area (except for those nasty plants with boring grey foliage, like eucalypts), the striking (and very green) acanthus and the showy agapanthus.

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