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Too much stick, not enough carrot

Many people use the carrot and stick analogy.  I did too until I recently had an unnerving discussion about what it actually meant.  I thought one thing and my friend thought another.  However, we both had imaginary donkeys that we … Continue reading

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Hoarders and chaos

A hoarder can be a very dedicated soul or just rather absent minded.  The only thing that is certain is that they will rarely find what they are looking for quickly.  There are generalist hoarders who just keep everything, but … Continue reading

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The nature is everywhere…

…isn’t it? So said an English camper to me this morning as I was busily hacking down a wild tobacco plant where it grew above an old sewage outlet that was responsible for a patch of weeds so huge and … Continue reading

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Naming the elephant

(with reference and apologies to A.A.Milne) What shall I call, This great lump of an elephant? His ears are so big, That his tail is irrelevant. Sometimes I call him Terrible Will, Because he’s very hard to sell. And sometimes … Continue reading

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