I like  soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches and Kurobuta Berkshire Pork Fillet with Celeriac Creme, Confit Garlic and Puy Lentils.  I like a sleeping bag on a ground sheet and a king-sized bed with sheets of a ridiculously high thread count.  Serious, in depth discussions and the conversations you can’t finish because you are laughing too hard.  Macaroni necklaces and diamond earrings.  Harrods and Vinnys.  Balranald and Barcelona.  Grug and Robert Dessaix.  Shihad and Puccini.  Malbec and bubbles.

Not at the same time perhaps, but  I don’t have to choose between them. Life is not so short that I can’t enjoy both (and a few things in between).

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3 Responses to Both

  1. Chris says:

    You don’t really like Balranald, do you?

  2. socksinmypocket says:

    Yes, yes I do. Balranald and I have a long history.

  3. Chris says:

    Whenever I’ve been it Balranald it’s been closed. The campsite is nice though.

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