Brand loyalty

Life is too short to waste time making decisions about which socks to buy.  I always buy the same socks.  I know they are the same size and shape as my feet, that they fit in my pockets, they last, their price, where to buy them, that I respect the company that makes them.  This allows me to completely ignore all the other socks on display in many shops and ignore many other sock-selling shops completely.  Perhaps there are better socks for me out there?  I don’t care.  These socks work.  (There is an added bonus that it never matters when I lose a sock, it just changes if I have an odd or even number of identical socks).  This is fine.  The variety in my life comes (from the occaisional spontaneous purchase or gift, but mainly) from the sock producers themselves.  It seems that they get sick of their socks long before I do.   It is not just socks.  I’m a creature of habit.  Damn the discontinued the line.

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