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The six o’clock sillies

When I was little I used to get the six o’clock sillies.  The sillies involve extended, unconditional laughter and an attack is completely debilitating and thoroughly enjoyable.  The sillies hit just when you are starting to get sleepy and you … Continue reading

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Interesting nothing.

What if the sum total of all energy is zero?  In total there is nothing .  But that nothing just happens to be divided into many interesting things (composed of matter and anti-matter and all that) and spread over a … Continue reading

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The first two pages.

It all began with the first couple of pages of Robert Dessaix’s Arabesques which introduced Rousseau and Gide in such a way that I was already embarrassed that I didn’t know anything about them.  Overnight I turned Rousseau into Rossetti … Continue reading

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Exchanging smiles.

Nona caught a stranger’s eye in the supermarket and they exchanged smiles.  Now every time Nona smiles, it’s the stranger’s smile.  The stranger’s lips are thinner than hers.  The smile is broader, a little higher on one side than the … Continue reading

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I like  soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches and Kurobuta Berkshire Pork Fillet with Celeriac Creme, Confit Garlic and Puy Lentils.  I like a sleeping bag on a ground sheet and a king-sized bed with sheets of a ridiculously high thread … Continue reading

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name nick name

One or several.  Many become defunct.  They track lives, spatially and temporally.  Nicknames segregate old friends and new.  Identify family.  I dislike the nickname applied on  introduction; apparently people can know you well before you can even say hello.  Some … Continue reading

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Brand loyalty

Life is too short to waste time making decisions about which socks to buy.  I always buy the same socks.  I know they are the same size and shape as my feet, that they fit in my pockets, they last, … Continue reading

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