The other night I may or may not have woken up to find a possum on my pillow. The impact of its body on my pillow may have woken me up, then I may have seen the possum scamper off my pillow and sit in the corner made by the bedside table, bed and the wall. I may have looked at its tail, decided it was a ring-tail possum and therefore everything was fine, of course, and then I may have gone straight back to sleep again. Or, possumbly, it was all a dream. The next morning I looked around for signs of my possumble night visitor – no poo, pee, paw prints or teeth marks on a bedside peach were found. I thought about setting a cage trap, but feel foolish about chasing what could just be my dream possum. I thought about a dream catcher but the mind boggles at actually catching a real possum in it. Best not to set any trap – what does one do with one’s dream possum anyway, should one catch it? In reality (which may or may not involve a possum) I think I am most worried about dreaming of waking up and going back to sleep again. It confuses me too much.

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5 Responses to Possumbly

  1. leftofthesettingsun says:

    Maybe if you dreamed of setting a trap?

  2. socksinmypocket says:

    Now that’s a possumbility!

  3. Natalie says:

    Would a dream catcher catch both possumble dream possums and real possums or merely dream possums?

  4. socksinmypocket says:

    I’m not sure. As I said the (my) mind boggled so I ruled out that possumbility. It turns out ruling is about the only thing you can do with a boggled mind. Who would have thought it?

  5. leftofthesettingsun says:

    There seems to be a bug in your choice of template — the comment author’s names don’t link anywhere.

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