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A spotless crake was spotted.    Now either this is the cleanest bird in the world or the most boring.  Imagine what life must be like if the most exciting and memorable thing about you is that you DON’T have spots. … Continue reading

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I danced with Clover

The trumpeters threw newspaper at each other and the singer wore broken records around her neck.   The Mayor was there and we all bopped to beats created from our own voices by a musical magician who was a pretty funky … Continue reading

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The other night I may or may not have woken up to find a possum on my pillow. The impact of its body on my pillow may have woken me up, then I may have seen the possum scamper off … Continue reading

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Pockets are socked by many

I named it socksinmypocket without thinking too much. But I suddenly wondered if it was a song title or something. It is. But I also discovered lots of other people find socks in their pockets too. Socks end up in … Continue reading

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